Test Sample


Geography of Tourism in Czech Republic

Sample questions for the final test


Connect location with the name

Which place(s) would you exclude from the group of location below? Explain the reason (usually 4-6 places representing a particular group of attraction with 1-2 mistakes)

Explain, why the following sentence is not correct (usually 1-2 sentences with some mistake)

Mark down following ski resorts/spas/other resorts on the outline map and write the name of the mountains

In which of the following cities can we find famous Jewish ghetto in Czech Republic? (Names of cities are given)

UNESCO monuments/biospherical reserves (placement on the map, what do they represent)

Characterize the geographical place/monument (monastery, spa, ski resort, castle, river or so) in some particular region and mark it on the map

Explain following geographical or tourist places and mark them on the outline map (usually the name of lake, city, castle, river or so is given)

Which of the following countries have roughly the same population/area/GDP as Czech Republic (roughly comparison is required)

Name the typical products of following places/traditional factories and mark the place on the outline map

Monuments on the images? (including the style of architecture)

Create logical itinerary (particular region, themaic tour or so, the itinerary logic and the adequacy of places are evaluated)

Which place am I? (the definition of a city/monument/sight for recognizing)